Are You Making These Common Decor Mistakes First Time Homeowners Fall For?

Becoming a homeowner is all your dreams coming true! It can be an exciting time; planning the finest details including the theme that defines your personality, the colors of the walls, the lighting to set the perfect mood, the art, and paintings, right up to the statement piece on the coffee table.

However, decorating a home for the first time obviously means a lack of knowledge and much-needed experience. And it brings with it challenges, confusion, and troubles. If not done right, it can be your worst nightmare come true.

Looking for expert advice on home décor made easy? Need a list of Do’s and Don’ts to nail the perfect look for your home? Worried about mistakes that will mess up your experience of decorating your home?

Follow our professional guidance for the perfect home décor

Too much is too much: Decor Mistakes First Time Homeowners

One of the most common mistakes made by first-time homeowners is going overboard when doing up their homes. The thrill and excitement of decorating a home for the first time lead to filling up our home with useless furniture, too many artifacts, and unnecessary furnishings.

This hurts not only your home décor style but also may end up leaving a gaping hole in your pocket.

Remember “Less is more.”

Go slow on your purchases, settle down, and buy things when you need them.

Boring bedrooms

Most people tend to focus on the living room, drawing room, and common living spaces. We are often excited about sharing our new home with friends and family. And we feel that our home is going to be a reflection of our social status and personality.

In our hurry to get the common spaces decorated, we often tend to ignore the space which we are going to use the most—the bedroom.

A boring bedroom means a boring life!

Add colors to your bedroom; add colors to your life.

  • Use comfort accents to create a comfortable and homely zone
  • Add a small working corner if you like working from home
  • Keep little drawers handy to keep the clutter away.

Remember to give special thought to your bedroom. Plan your bedroom to be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax, be yourself, and enjoy the comforts of your home

Design over comfortCommon Decor Mistakes

When planning your home décor, keep in mind the famous quote, “A home is not a place, it is a feeling.”

Designing a home is an overwhelming experience. Beautiful artifacts, exotic furnishings, stunning paintings, and antique rugs are available at your fingertips, thanks to the online markets. However, let’s not fall trap to the common mistake of choosing design over comfort.

At the end of the day, a home should be all things cozy and comfortable. A place where you can chill with friends and family or cuddle with loved ones.

The key to a stunning albeit homey home is to balance the design elements with comfort requirements!

Cable clutter

Our lives revolve around technology. Whether it is a Kindle tablet, an IPAD, mobile phones, TV systems, Bluetooth speakers, DVD players, Digital TV receivers, closed-circuit cameras, or a simple laptop, our homes are full of gadgets.

With gadgets come cables.

Cable clutter is not just an eyesore but may also be dangerous. Cables all across the place translate to the threat of not just falling over wires but also being electrocuted in extreme cases.

Keep your home free from cable clutter with these easy to follow ideas:

  • Use Velcro cables, cable ties, or even cello tape to bind cables together
  • Use a binder clip and a basket to create an inexpensive but smart cable organizer

Ignoring the Kitchen

Most of us tend to keep kitchen planning on the backburner, especially youngsters who may be working and prefer to eat out or simply order-in food with the help of mobile technology.

Common Decor MistakesThough you may not be an active cook at home, don’t ignore the kitchen when planning your new home décor.

Even if you want to keep things basic here are some fundamental ideas to keep in mind when planning the kitchen:

  • Invest in smart gadgets to save time and money
  • Plan on storage solutions to avoid doing the grocery frequently
  • Use darker shades to avoid staining over the years
  • Plan an informal dining table to keep mealtimes easy and mess-free.

Forgetting the Foyer

Planning the right décor of your home’s foyer or hallway can be really challenging. Foyers are tiny spaces where you need to plan storage for your shoes, bags, umbrellas, and a million other things that you need every day. Truly a spatial management nightmare!

The foyer is the first impression of your home. Follow these tips to ensure that even the smallest of foyer space looks striking and creates a lasting impression of your abode:

  • Use smart storage to keep dirty shoes, jackets, and other knick-knacks away from sight
  • Use smart accents to create drama if your foyer is very simple
  • Mirrors are not just great accessories but also create an optical illusion of a bigger space.

A little introspection, smart planning, and a little homework are all it takes to create a home out of a house

5 Questions To Ask A Kitchen Remodeling Service Before Saying YES

Renovating or remodeling a kitchen is perhaps one of the most challenging home projects. There may be structural changes and conceptual challenges that can be difficult to implement once undertaken. For example, you may have the basic kitchen remodeling idea of how you need your new kitchen to be but will not have a clue where to begin – especially when it comes to adding new fittings and changing the entire layout.

Here’s where a professional kitchen remodeling service comes to your rescue. They help you understand if your dream kitchen renovation is doable. However, before you begin looking for professional services here are a few questions you need to ask your professional kitchen designer.

What do I need?

Ask yourself the sections of the kitchen you need to remodel. These would also include remodeling of a problem area, such as the sink. You may also want to list down the new additions in the kitchen, such as a larger refrigerator or inclusion of a dishwasher.

You must also have a vision in mind. If you follow certain kitchen remodelers and love a kitchen design online, do share it with your kitchen remodeler to get the desired results.

questions before remodeling your kitchen

How will I use the kitchen?

Who will be cooking? – You, your family or the cook. You or the cook would have a certain style of working in the kitchen – you need multiple stoves on at the same time, you are obsessed about doing the dishes while making your meals. Ask yourself if you need your pots and pans in front of you, or tucked away in a cabinet. A good kitchen remodeling service will have its own set of questions that will help you structure your ideas into an organized plan.

What kind of a cook am I?

This may include the cuisines that will be cooked majorly in the kitchen and factor in other essential accessories that you need to include. While microwave and oven are necessities, you’d need to upgrade your oven to a larger model if you plan large oven-roasted meals.

What are the other functions of my kitchen?

Keep your families’ general cooking and dining habits in mind. For example, if your family prefers dining on a separate dining table, a tabletop in an already crowded kitchen may not be necessary. If you need your wine rack to be on display or made into a separate walk-in cellar.

Would this design work for a long time?

This includes considering when you age, would you be able to lift heavy items from top shelves without any help? You may need a wood-fired oven. However, consider if you would be able to maintain and use it on a regular basis.

What is the budget?

When you hire a kitchen remodeler service, this question is among the top five things they need to know to understand your needs. That being said, do not hesitate to renegotiate on service costs (based on competitors) or compromise on low-quality service, as you have to prepare meals in your kitchen every day.

The services that will cost considerably more are rewiring, plumbing and addition of new structures. Factor in maintenance and transportation costs. Look for a remodeler who will do all the heavy lifting for you.

What are your non-negotiable factors?

Non-negotiable factors are the reasons you are actually going for kitchen remodeling. Some of these may include installation of appliances such as electric chimneys, in-built oven, or structural necessities like additional cupboards and kitchen island.Kitchen remodeling ideas

You’d need to communicate these to your kitchen remodeling service and understand if they’d be able to make your dream kitchen come to life.

What is the role of the kitchen remodeler?

You may choose a kitchen remodeling service based on their positive reviews or word of mouth. Do remember to ask the following questions before hiring them:

  • Do they specialize in any specific area?
  • What are the charges? – Look out for different price range from various other competitors
  • Do they have a portfolio?
  • How long will they take?
  • Do you have to move out of the house?
  • Do they facilitate project monitoring in case you go out of town?
  • Do they entertain suggestions? Alternatively, will they tell you if a part of your project is not a good idea?

Here’s a parting tip, do contact your home remodeler over the phone or try meeting them in person. This is especially important as home projects may span several months. This means you would need to interact with the team for a long period to work together. Go for a kitchen remodeling service that respects your wishes and works hard to make them come true.

The Bathroom Decor Trends Set to Sizzle in 2020

Wants to wash away your troubles with bubbles? Do you feel that a hot shower is all you need to wash away life’s nagging troubles? Do you think that your bathroom is your sanctuary? Looking to upgrade your bathroom to match the year 2020? But don’t know the current trends? Read on, to get an insight into the bathroom trends to match the trendiness of the year 2020.

The Bathroom Decor Trends Set to Sizzle in 2020

Sustainable bathrooms

The year 2020 is definitely the year of sustainability. Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce is the mantra of this decade.  As the world realizes the importance of a sustainable lifestyle, it is also being reflected in the bathroom décor styles of the year. Yes, we are talking about sustainable bathrooms.2020 bathroom decor trends

If you love the planet and want to do your little bit towards making our planet a little bit greener, you may consider the concept of sustainable bathrooms.

Think in terms of:

  • Buying eco-friendly products
  • Scavenging through flea markets to get your hands on lovely antique fittings
  • Sourcing used or rejected building materials from builders, architects, and contractors.

Bring the outdoors inside

A courtyard bathroom is an excellent idea to bring the beautiful outdoors inside your home. If you are renovating an old and small bathroom, a courtyard bathroom is an exotic, inexpensive, and practical solution.

All you need to do is simply break open a few walls, and integrate the outdoor space into your home. You may keep it rustic with a beautiful rust-red brick façade. Imagine the beautifully blooming roses throughout the year!

Along with beauty, an outdoor bathroom brings with it much needed practicality. It’s easy to build, the plumbing will be cheaper, and it’s not a maintenance menace. Living in cold climes, all you need to do is cover it with retractable roofing. And you have a lovely bathroom space that opens out into a cozy courtyard.

The Romance of the tubs

The romance of the tub continues to dominate through the year 2020. Bathroom decor trends 2020Tubs are great for different types of bathroom décor ideas. Whether you like a modern décor, contemporary designs, vintage themes, or classic ideas, a freestanding tub is your perfect solution.

Tubs come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from alcove bathtubs, drop-in bathtubs, corner bathtubs, freestanding bath tubs, and even walk-in bathtubs.

Modern bathtubs come with several features like regular soaking baths, air baths, combination baths, and whirlpool baths. Soak yourself in a bathtub with a glass of wine and forget the troubles of the day!

Minimalistic lines

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Minimalistic bathroom design is ideal for the year 2020 and onwards.

Clean lines, simple décor, and less is definitely more.

Minimalistic bathrooms mean maximum modern convenience with fewer frills. They are easy on the pocket, easy to clean and maintain, and an evergreen style to match the ever-changing trends.

Black granite, silver Italian marble, classic white Indian Makrana marble, green slate, and natural travertine are some popular natural stones to create the perfect minimalistic bathroom.

Bathroom suites

Bathroom decor trends

Bathroom suites have been a trending décor theme in recent times.  A bathroom suite means the convenience of a shower cubicle, a sink, and a toilet that complement each other. If budget is not a problem, you may add a complementing bathtub to add to the elegance of your bathroom suite.

Again bathroom suite designs come in different styles and sizes. They can complement both modern as well as traditional design styles.

Find your shades of grey

The color grey is the new black. Its versatility means that it suits men, women, as well as couples. Grey bathrooms offer a sense of balance, cohesion, and stability.

If you thought that grey was dull and drab, it’s time for you to update your thinking to the uber-cool levels of 2020. Think regular grey, fossil grey, harbor grey, smoke grey, thunder grey, steel grey, pewter grey, ash grey, anchor grey, lava grey, shadow grey, and the ever sensuous charcoal grey.

Add to that the elegant beauty of classic white basin and stainless steel fittings for a timeless classic.

The Garden of Life

Are you a nature lover and want to spice up your bathroom with the radiant color’s of nature’s rainbow, you may consider these trends to appease the nature lover within you:

1.Rainbow: Use the colors of the rainbow to literally bring alive the VIBGYOR—Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red in your bathroom. With the wide use of colors, it is advisable to select plain whites and silver accessories to balance the use of colors.

2.Jungle: Use a wide palette of greens with a complementing jungle themed wallpaper. Match it with bronze accents and wooden furniture to complete the natural touch.

Wooden accents and green granite are all you need to bring alive the garden of life. Design inspirations can be endless. Remember to go for the one that suits your personality, style, and identity and you are sure to have a bathroom that you’ll enjoy far beyond 2020.