Interior designing tips you must know before hiring kitchen designer

An experienced kitchen designer can add a new layer of experience and expertise to your kitchen remodel. For so many reasons why people hire kitchen designers.


Most people have an idea of what they want, but very little time to be able to relay that into completion. On the other hand, there are people who have no idea where to begin how to design what they want l, or simply do not have the time to invest in their kitchen remodelling project. This is where a kitchen designer comes in most handy.

Kitchen designers come with years of experience and vast knowledge of the current trends in the market. As well as this they have multiple contacts within the industry, allowing you the job to get done faster and a lot cheaper. They can be a great investment. There are however a few things you need to do now before you hire a kitchen designer.

Do you need a kitchen designer or a kitchen decorator?

While both of these people come in very handy when designing a new kitchen there is a common misconception that they do the same job. There are many similarities between the solutions that they offer, however, there are some vital differences.

kitchen-design-trendsKitchen designers are involved in planning the overall layout of your kitchen. This can be anything from knocking down walls to expand your space, deciding heights and weights of doors and windows and planning with things such as islands and cabinets will go. A kitchen designer will work with the aid of builders and architects to make your kitchen remodelling come to life.

The kitchen decorator, on the other hand, it’s only involved with decorating your kitchen. They will help you choose colour schemes, pick up cabinets and furniture as well as dress your kitchen to your style.

Decide the style of your kitchen:

It can often be very difficult pinning down one style and is off and the thing that most people who are redesigning their kitchen stuff with. When determining roughly what kind of ambience and look you want from your kitchen you do not have to pinpoint everything. Instead collect a few objects, pictures or even colour schemes that you like and give them to your designer. This will help your designer understand what you are looking for and help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Set a budget:

To ensure that your kitchen is finished off to a high standard it is important to know the amount of money you have available to do this. Remodelling a kitchen is not something that comes cheap, and it is essential to relay this to your designer.

When initially contacting your designer make sure you are clear on the charges, and you factor this into your budget. Not all designers charge the same rate and the rate they will charge you will be wholly dependent on the space they are decorating, the amount of work that it needs and the location in which your space is.

Create a mood board:

Creating a vision board is a great way of helping your designer pick out pieces for your kitchen that you are going to love. These boards can be created online or by hand and can include pictures and samples of things that you have seen that you would like to see incorporated into your kitchen.

Once your designer sees the mood board they can then figure out how to incorporate the things that you like into your kitchen in a way that it is pleasing to the eye and adds to the overall effect of your finished kitchen.

Interview your designers:

modern kitchen furniture designsOften whilst travelling through the Internet you will find web pages and portfolios of kitchen designers that appeal to you. While is it important to share your sense of style with your designer, there are also many other aspects to look at.

It is very important that you get on with your kitchen designer on a personal level. The designer that you choose will be an integral part of your home for the whole duration of your kitchen remodel. To save yourself emotional angst it is very important that your designer understand not only your vision but how you live your day-to-day life and gets on with you personally. This will allow them to create a space that is completely suited to your needs, without much heartache of friction between the two of you.

Pinpoint which items are most important to you:

There are always items in a person’s kitchen that they are emotionally attached to. It is important to highlight these items before your kitchen remodel begins. Be careful not to use too many items as there will be no use in completely doing a new kitchen if you are not getting rid of the old things. Highlight these items to your kitchen designer who can then endeavour to incorporate them into your new design.

Professional Home Interior Design Services

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Professional Home Interior Design Service

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