5 Questions To Ask A Kitchen Remodeling Service Before Saying YES

Renovating or remodeling a kitchen is perhaps one of the most challenging home projects. There may be structural changes and conceptual challenges that can be difficult to implement once undertaken. For example, you may have the basic kitchen remodeling idea of how you need your new kitchen to be but will not have a clue where to begin – especially when it comes to adding new fittings and changing the entire layout.

Here’s where a professional kitchen remodeling service comes to your rescue. They help you understand if your dream kitchen renovation is doable. However, before you begin looking for professional services here are a few questions you need to ask your professional kitchen designer.

What do I need?

Ask yourself the sections of the kitchen you need to remodel. These would also include remodeling of a problem area, such as the sink. You may also want to list down the new additions in the kitchen, such as a larger refrigerator or inclusion of a dishwasher.

You must also have a vision in mind. If you follow certain kitchen remodelers and love a kitchen design online, do share it with your kitchen remodeler to get the desired results.

questions before remodeling your kitchen

How will I use the kitchen?

Who will be cooking? – You, your family or the cook. You or the cook would have a certain style of working in the kitchen – you need multiple stoves on at the same time, you are obsessed about doing the dishes while making your meals. Ask yourself if you need your pots and pans in front of you, or tucked away in a cabinet. A good kitchen remodeling service will have its own set of questions that will help you structure your ideas into an organized plan.

What kind of a cook am I?

This may include the cuisines that will be cooked majorly in the kitchen and factor in other essential accessories that you need to include. While microwave and oven are necessities, you’d need to upgrade your oven to a larger model if you plan large oven-roasted meals.

What are the other functions of my kitchen?

Keep your families’ general cooking and dining habits in mind. For example, if your family prefers dining on a separate dining table, a tabletop in an already crowded kitchen may not be necessary. If you need your wine rack to be on display or made into a separate walk-in cellar.

Would this design work for a long time?

This includes considering when you age, would you be able to lift heavy items from top shelves without any help? You may need a wood-fired oven. However, consider if you would be able to maintain and use it on a regular basis.

What is the budget?

When you hire a kitchen remodeler service, this question is among the top five things they need to know to understand your needs. That being said, do not hesitate to renegotiate on service costs (based on competitors) or compromise on low-quality service, as you have to prepare meals in your kitchen every day.

The services that will cost considerably more are rewiring, plumbing and addition of new structures. Factor in maintenance and transportation costs. Look for a remodeler who will do all the heavy lifting for you.

What are your non-negotiable factors?

Non-negotiable factors are the reasons you are actually going for kitchen remodeling. Some of these may include installation of appliances such as electric chimneys, in-built oven, or structural necessities like additional cupboards and kitchen island.Kitchen remodeling ideas

You’d need to communicate these to your kitchen remodeling service and understand if they’d be able to make your dream kitchen come to life.

What is the role of the kitchen remodeler?

You may choose a kitchen remodeling service based on their positive reviews or word of mouth. Do remember to ask the following questions before hiring them:

  • Do they specialize in any specific area?
  • What are the charges? – Look out for different price range from various other competitors
  • Do they have a portfolio?
  • How long will they take?
  • Do you have to move out of the house?
  • Do they facilitate project monitoring in case you go out of town?
  • Do they entertain suggestions? Alternatively, will they tell you if a part of your project is not a good idea?

Here’s a parting tip, do contact your home remodeler over the phone or try meeting them in person. This is especially important as home projects may span several months. This means you would need to interact with the team for a long period to work together. Go for a kitchen remodeling service that respects your wishes and works hard to make them come true.

Interior designing tips you must know before hiring kitchen designer

An experienced kitchen designer can add a new layer of experience and expertise to your kitchen remodel. For so many reasons why people hire kitchen designers.


Most people have an idea of what they want, but very little time to be able to relay that into completion. On the other hand, there are people who have no idea where to begin how to design what they want l, or simply do not have the time to invest in their kitchen remodelling project. This is where a kitchen designer comes in most handy.

Kitchen designers come with years of experience and vast knowledge of the current trends in the market. As well as this they have multiple contacts within the industry, allowing you the job to get done faster and a lot cheaper. They can be a great investment. There are however a few things you need to do now before you hire a kitchen designer.

Do you need a kitchen designer or a kitchen decorator?

While both of these people come in very handy when designing a new kitchen there is a common misconception that they do the same job. There are many similarities between the solutions that they offer, however, there are some vital differences.

kitchen-design-trendsKitchen designers are involved in planning the overall layout of your kitchen. This can be anything from knocking down walls to expand your space, deciding heights and weights of doors and windows and planning with things such as islands and cabinets will go. A kitchen designer will work with the aid of builders and architects to make your kitchen remodelling come to life.

The kitchen decorator, on the other hand, it’s only involved with decorating your kitchen. They will help you choose colour schemes, pick up cabinets and furniture as well as dress your kitchen to your style.

Decide the style of your kitchen:

It can often be very difficult pinning down one style and is off and the thing that most people who are redesigning their kitchen stuff with. When determining roughly what kind of ambience and look you want from your kitchen you do not have to pinpoint everything. Instead collect a few objects, pictures or even colour schemes that you like and give them to your designer. This will help your designer understand what you are looking for and help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Set a budget:

To ensure that your kitchen is finished off to a high standard it is important to know the amount of money you have available to do this. Remodelling a kitchen is not something that comes cheap, and it is essential to relay this to your designer.

When initially contacting your designer make sure you are clear on the charges, and you factor this into your budget. Not all designers charge the same rate and the rate they will charge you will be wholly dependent on the space they are decorating, the amount of work that it needs and the location in which your space is.

Create a mood board:

Creating a vision board is a great way of helping your designer pick out pieces for your kitchen that you are going to love. These boards can be created online or by hand and can include pictures and samples of things that you have seen that you would like to see incorporated into your kitchen.

Once your designer sees the mood board they can then figure out how to incorporate the things that you like into your kitchen in a way that it is pleasing to the eye and adds to the overall effect of your finished kitchen.

Interview your designers:

modern kitchen furniture designsOften whilst travelling through the Internet you will find web pages and portfolios of kitchen designers that appeal to you. While is it important to share your sense of style with your designer, there are also many other aspects to look at.

It is very important that you get on with your kitchen designer on a personal level. The designer that you choose will be an integral part of your home for the whole duration of your kitchen remodel. To save yourself emotional angst it is very important that your designer understand not only your vision but how you live your day-to-day life and gets on with you personally. This will allow them to create a space that is completely suited to your needs, without much heartache of friction between the two of you.

Pinpoint which items are most important to you:

There are always items in a person’s kitchen that they are emotionally attached to. It is important to highlight these items before your kitchen remodel begins. Be careful not to use too many items as there will be no use in completely doing a new kitchen if you are not getting rid of the old things. Highlight these items to your kitchen designer who can then endeavour to incorporate them into your new design.

Modern kitchen design trends that you must know in 2019

kitchen-design-trendsIs 2019 the year you finally get your dream kitchen? Your kitchen is the heart of your home and whether you are completely renovating it, or simply changing some dated aspects, it is the perfect time to do so. But what exactly is in trend when it comes to kitchen design trends in 2019?

The aim of kitchen design in 2019 is to ensure that technology is used to make your life easier while keeping the style as the main objective.

Everybody’s requirements for a kitchen is different and dependent on individual needs. For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the house, where everybody gathers. While for others it is something that should be enclosed in a small space and used as and when required and kept less imposing.

Whatever your requirements are, and however you choose to express your style 2019 has some wonderful trends that can be incorporated into any kitchen.

Customisable pantries:

While pantries and larders have been around for quite some time 2019 now offers the ability to design your larder to fit your requirements. With the ability to add shelving, drawers and other bespoke elements larders and pantries can be designed with your ease and accessibility in mind. This allows for storage of ingredients at the right temperatures, that are easily accessible while still adding style to your kitchen.

Bespoke benches:

As the hub of your home, seating areas in kitchens are becoming an increasingly important part of their design. One of the most emerging trends in 2019 is benches and banquet style seating. Previously, seating was predominantly created around islands and breakfast bars but with the introduction of a banquet style seating kitchens are becoming much cosier and comfortable. Upholstered benches are perfect to put in front of a window area allowing for light to shine through creating the perfect mood to relaxing.

Darker Colours:

This year people are buying into more sophisticated darker colours. Forest greens and deep dark blacks seem to be the colour of choice for all the kitchen renovators in 2019. Darker cabinets offset with marble in light of tones, brass lighting, metallic accessories, and white walls work well to create a light airy space and perfect colour combinations.

There is a push to put towards darker more basic colour pallets contrasted with deep coffee browns, greys and light beiges. The most popular colour to be used for cabinets in 2019 is dark navy blues.

Interesting storage solutions:

This trend is a continuation of the years before. Cupboards that run from floor to ceiling and overhead cabinets with unique solutions for storage help keep the kitchen organised and clutter-free.

These storage solutions are great for kitchens of any size, large or small. The addition of these cabinets can help your kitchen continue to look sleek and on trend.

Large trough sinks:

Over the years the trough sink has been gaining popularity and has become a central part of many kitchens. This rise to fame continues in 2019. The trough sink provides multifunction and can be fully integrated into any kitchen.

From doing your dishes to creating a champagne bath when entertaining this sink can look spectacular and is worth the investment. This sink adds style while giving your kitchen a country charm.

Eye-catching taps:

top kitchen designsHaving a quirky yet modern tap fitting always adds to the overall appeal and look of your kitchen. With so many options available on today’s market there is something to cater to any style. Current technology has also helped to make life easier by upgrading the common tap. Most taps on today’s market can be upgraded to provide instant boiling or sparkling water, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.

Smart, up-to-date, time-saving technology:

For a large chunk of the population, the kitchen is the room where they spend most of their time. With technology advancing every day in every sector, why should the kitchen be left behind? With integrated Bluetooth speakers, adjustable lighting and multitudes of new kitchen technology, new kitchens in 2019 should be the most up-to-date part of your house. These technologies are slowly becoming necessities in today’s world, so whilst updating your kitchen in 2019 be sure to invest in these and make your kitchen as fully functioning as possible.

An array of textures:

In 2019 the visual appearance of the kitchen is going to the next level. Kitchen designs are incorporating a mix of woods, stones and metals to give a sleek and modern appearance. There has been a rise in the popularity of natural materials like straight grained woods such as oak and timber as well as mixed stones like granite.

A combination of all the materials allows for a mix and match that creates a beautiful and eye-catching finish.

Kitchen Remodeling Guide For 2019

Decades ago, the kitchen wasn’t an important part of the house. It was just a place to prepare meals and harbor dirty dishes. But things have changed, the year is 2018 and the kitchen has become the main focus in a house. The kitchen has become a place that brings people in your family together whether it’s in the early mornings or late evenings. Remodeling your kitchen should add the value and the beauty of your home.

remodel-kitchenBefore you remodel your kitchen, you would definitely want to be up-to date in order to know what’s trending and what needs to be left in the past. Your goal shouldn’t just to have a clean and neat kitchen but a well-designed and classy kitchen that will accommodate your modern family and guests. Your kitchen should be a place that you can be able to prepare meals from and also be able to entertain guests.

With kitchens transitioning to casual spaces of entertainment, here is what you need to know before you remodel your kitchen in 2019.

  1. Smart Kitchens;

Technology has advanced and this has greatly changed the concept of a modern kitchen. In 2018, you should consider applying technology to your kitchen. You could add smoke sensors to keep your kitchen safer. Other than that you can buy a smart refrigerator that let you know when your grocery is running out or a coffee machine that is set to make you coffee at the exact time each morning. Besides that, there are smart taps with sensors to help you save water since they only let water out when they sense hands underneath them. In 2019, a smart kitchen is one of the most trending kitchen designs.

  1. Dark themed kitchens;

In 2019 kitchen cabinets that are dark are believed to be elegant and have a luxurious feel compared to bright kitchen cabinets. To get this feeling, make sure your cabinets aren’t too dark to overpower the kitchen. You can use colors such as charcoal, forest green or navy blue. Dark kitchen islands with white bordering cabinets are the most popular look that you should try in 2019.

  1. Ceramic tiles are the way to go in 2018;

When it comes to kitchen flooring, ceramic flooring has become more popular than hardwood in 2019. This is because they come in different designs, sizes, and styles. Ceramic tiles can also be customized to resemble materials such as hardwood, natural stone or any other material you love. In 2018, if your kitchen floors aren’t ceramic then you need to rethink about your kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Islands.

Kitchen islands have become the centerpiece of the kitchen in 2019. They are meant to enhance the design of your kitchen. Not only do they do that, but they also save space since they serve multiple purposes in the kitchen. They can be used as a dining or breakfast area or a drinking bar. In 2019, kitchen islands have not only become larger but also have storage cabinets and are fitted with under the counter appliances. Kitchen islands save you space and bring your kitchen to life. Don’t forget to add a kitchen island on the list of things you need to do while remodeling your kitchen in 2019.

  1. Make your Kitchen Pet-friendly;

Many people love pets and love having them in their homes. However, the kitchen can be a dangerous place for both your pets and kids. Most people focus on making their kitchens baby proof and tend to forget about making the kitchen safe for their pets. In 2018, kitchens are being designed to be ideal, safe and comfortable for pets too. While remodeling your kitchen in 2018, first make sure that your pet has its own feeding area. Lastly, create space for them in your kitchen where your pets can play with their toys without getting hurt by kitchen equipment.

With these tips, you can be sure to have the ideal 2019 kitchen space that will not only be beautiful but also impressive. Get in touch with ARCH KBB for the best accessories in London to use in your kitchen remodeling 2019. We’re affordable and stock genuine, original accessories.

Importance Of Manufacturer’s Warranty For Kitchen Products

The warranty of your kitchen appliances is the last thing you consider when out shopping; you’re often focused on the functionality, appearance, and price of the appliance. This is perfectly in order. However, there are a thousand and one reasons why you ought to give serious thought to the specifics of the warranty from the manufacturer of the product you’re buying. A warranty is like a seal of approval, a trusted word from the manufacturer that you can indeed trust the product.

Most manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer warranties of between 3 months and 1 year. For white appliances like fridges, freezers that use compressors; 10 years is the standard duration.  After this duration, the manufacturer will not bear any responsibility in case the appliance breaks down.

There’s another form of a warranty that’s known as an extended warranty that is given when you wish to prolong the duration of warranty; these are common with retailers during sales time.

You should be careful not to get yourself entangled in costly maintenance contracts all in the name of warranties. It’s always recommendable to ensure that you’ve purchased your appliance from a reputable brand, one that has a proven track record for manufacturing high-quality products.

Kitchen Products Warranty
A good warranty will help you rest assured that you’re covered in case the appliance breaks down when you’re using it. If a manufacturer is shy or hesitant to offer you a warranty for the appliance you’re purchasing, you have every reason to be worried. You’ll notice that some of the major already established manufacturers tend to offer generous warranties; because they have confidence in their products. Below, we have compiled some quick things to consider when evaluating a warranty;

  • Warranty for individual appliances; there are times you may agree with the manufacturer to supply all the kitchen appliances in line with the installation agreement. In such instances, you should opt for an individual warranty for each item, rather than a blanket warranty. The duration may vary from one appliance to the other but basically, the minimum warranty for any kitchen appliance should be one year. For the freezers and fridge, warranty for the compressors should be nothing short of 10 years.
  • After sale services; a good manufacturer and installer of kitchen products will not decline to offer after sale services for their products. After sale services are different from warranty in the sense that some manufacturers sell their brands and add maintenance services for a while as part of the deal. Warranty applies when the product has broken down or suffered serious damage that necessitates a replacement or major repair.

Manufacturer Kitchen Products

  • Extended warranties; you can get your extended warranty before the original warranty from the manufacturer expires. The price and duration of these warranties will vary; they could cover you for a year, five years, and so on. It’s less costly if you purchase an extended warranty for a longer period of time, compared to a year, for instance.
  • Manufacturers of kitchen products like cabinets, fittings; these may offer different warranties from those of Gaggenau kitchen appliances like Microwaves, dishwashers, and so on. The terms and conditions of the warranty may include workmanship as well as the materials used. In case any of the materials used to make the product is found to be defective after completion, the manufacturer should be ready to replace them promptly and at no extra cost.  Think of things like water pipes, tiles, and materials commonly used to manufacture and refurbish kitchen products.

Are you looking for a kitchen manufacturer who assures you of comprehensive warranty for all your kitchen products? Feel free to speak to us; we’re your professional and caring partner for all your kitchen appliances and products.


5 Things To Remember For Kitchen Designs Ideas

When you’re planning to design your kitchen, these kitchen design ideas will certainly help you. There are many things that can go wrong. As professionals, we track everything from beginning to end in order to provide the best kitchen designs. Here, we listed the points to be noted before doing your kitchen designs.

When it comes to kitchen designing there are many people who claim to be an expert but knowing those ideas will help you hire the best or plan it our yourself.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Top kitchen design ideas to keep in mind

1. Measuring

You have to get the measuring tape out and note down the exact measurements of all ends of your kitchen. These numbers are essential at a wide range of stages along the planned procedure. Utilizing kitchen outline software at the later point these measurements to hand will enable you to complete things faster.

2. List Of Basics

List out the basic things you must have in your kitchen plan. These are the primary things you attempt to fit in. Once you have a list of all that you require for kitchen design, you can decide on the things you would ‘like to have’ in your kitchen that maybe not required at times. Listing the requirements is the most important thing in the kitchen plan that enables you to continue everything in the right way.

Kitchen Design Ideas

3. Organize the lists

Ensure that all your kitchen designs you listed are kept together. Once your first copy of kitchen designs are lost, then you will be scattered in search of it and end up designing kitchen in the way you have not expected. Organized lists will help you to build the best designs for your kitchen than you expect. Even the lost in records will lead to the redesign of your kitchen, which no one wants to happen. For example what kitchen furniture you will need and where you plan to buy kitchen furniture in London is important.

4. Get specialized

At Arch KBB, we use 3D designing software to make a specialized design as you have in your mind. The designers are well trained to create virtual 3D designs for your kitchen, where can do changes in the design instantly that ensures the end design in a fruitful manner.

Kitchen Design Ideas

5. Live Upto Your Expectation

None of these kitchen plan thoughts will make a touch of variety to you unless you’re eager and dynamic in your outline. Be the person who involves in everything related to your kitchen designs to bring out what you want. End of the day, you will be reward with one of a kind kitchen that is just as stylish and functional as you’d expect. At Arch KBB, we gather the list of ideas and expectations from our clients to deliver it like looks like ideas.

As you can see those are the best things to keep in mind and if you are looking for more kitchen design ideas or help in getting your kitchens designed, you can as for more details by contacting us on 02087 411 589

Why You Need a Designing Service for Kitchen in London?

Designing your kitchen can be quite a task especially if you’re a complete newbie in interior designing. You have to be sure that you will have the best design that meets your expectations and is within your budget. It involves decisions such as selecting the right materials and kitchen appliances and understanding your kitchens’ layout so that you don’t interfere with the electrical and plumbing configurations.

There are many things that can go wrong when designing your kitchen on your own. This is why you need a professional designing service for your kitchen. A designing service will help you stay within your budget, get the latest high-quality kitchen products and design your dream kitchen.

Designers who specialize in kitchens understand exactly what your kitchen needs are and how to set everything up.

Best Kitchen Designs in London

Here Are The Top Reasons Why You Need A Designing Service For Your Kitchen;

  • Knowledge of New Products:

There are numerous new kitchen appliances and products that are introduced to the market weekly. It may be difficult to keep up as an individual who isn’t a kitchen designer.

Professional kitchen designers are always up to date and well informed about all of the current trending products. This is due to their interests in kitchen products. They also frequently participate in kitchen product trade shows and pay regular visits to manufacturers to assess the latest products in terms of quality, price, and suitability.

As an individual, you may not know the latest, newest trending kitchen products unless you do your research. Other than that, it is difficult to know if the quality of the product you are buying matches the price. This is why you need a kitchen designing service since it will offer you a variety of products for your specific needs.

Best Kitchen Designs in London

  • Expertise in Kitchen Design:

Kitchen design services have years of experience, great solutions and unique ideas for your kitchen. They not only specialize in making your kitchen glamorous but also make sure to maximize your storage space ensuring the efficiency of your kitchen. Other than that, they provide you with the newest quality products that will be within your budget. Hiring a kitchen design service guarantees you a quality up-to-date kitchen. This increases the worth of your kitchen and your home generally.

  • High-Quality Products and Services:

When you think about designing your kitchen, the first thing that comes to your mind is the quality of the products that you will use. If you lack the knowledge of product quality, you are bound to purchase low- quality products for your kitchen. These products will not last as long as high-quality ones and you will end up spending more money redesigning your kitchen. Hiring a kitchen design service will help you avoid such a situation since they are insured and some services offer a warranty of up to 2 years. Getting a designing service for your kitchen is therefore safer.

Best Kitchen Designs in London

  • Full Access to Kitchen Resources:

Professional designing services have access to many resources than you. This means that they have higher chances of getting what your kitchen needs. Some manufacturing companies only work with professionals and this makes it even more difficult to source out products for yourself. If you want your kitchen to have the best and unique products, you should definitely need a designing service for your kitchen.

The above are just some of the reasons why you need a designing service for your kitchen. If your main priorities are quality and value, then you need to know that only professional kitchen designers can offer that. Hire a designing service to bring your dream kitchen to life.

What are the Modern Designs that Suits your Kitchen?

The kitchen is an important space in your home. It not only acts as the center of your home but is also a place where you prepare your meals, spends time with your family or simply host your guests.

Your Kitchen is basically the heart of your home as it brings family and people together. Your kitchen should be designed in a way that it reflects your city lifestyle and matches your class. Lately, modern kitchens have become more popular than traditional kitchens.

There are so many different modern kitchen designs and this makes it difficult to select exactly what modern design your kitchen needs.

modern kitchen designs

Here are some Modern Designs that Suit your kitchen:

  1. Crisp All-White Kitchen Ceilings, Walls, and Tiles:

This is probably the easiest modern design that could suit your kitchen. Having white ceilings, flooring and walls will give your kitchen a beautiful yet simple modern design. You could have different textures in your kitchen to inject a modern look and feel, but remember to go all-white. To add to the beauty of your kitchen, you can give the white surfaces a glossy, shiny feel.

  1. Install a Kitchen Island:

A kitchen island acts as a centerpiece in your kitchen. It is the focus of attention when someone goes into a kitchen. Installing a kitchen island in your kitchen gives your kitchen a modern design, it also adds to the storage space in your kitchen. To give it a more modern style, you could give the island different shapes. You can go with right-angled corners or fuse two kitchen islands into one. You could also have marble or stainless steel kitchen island for a more modern look.

Modern kitchen interior designs

  1. Modern Appliances:

A kitchen cannot be fully modern if its’ appliances are outdated. Conspicuous appliances such as freezers, fridges, dishwashers, coffee makers and ovens determine whether your kitchen will look modern. When it comes to appliances, choose appliances made from stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances are durable and will give your kitchen a fresh modern feel.

  1. Choose Modern Bold Colors:

Modern kitchen designs have bold colors that give a vibrant feel. Bright colors give a resonant and stimulating aspect to your kitchen space. You could use bold colors such as red and yellow on smaller surfaces or objects. Less bold colors such as cream, white and grey can then be used on larger surfaces. Remember to use colors that are glossy for even better results.

  1. Sleek Cabinets:

Cabinets are a major factor in the kitchen. They determine how modern your kitchen will look. Modern design cabinets have handles made from stainless steel to keep them simple. They need to be right where the ceiling begins to avoid spaces that could trap dust. For the cabinets to be sleek, they also need to be streamlined with no raised edges. Cabinets being frameless give the kitchen a sleek finish.

modern kitchen furniture designs

  1. Modern Countertops:

For your kitchen to have a modern design, you have to go all the way to ensure that each and every factor in your kitchen has a modern feel. Marble countertops have a cool and simple design. Marble countertops are not only beautiful but also durable, easy to maintain. A modern kitchen is stylish and simple and marble countertops are just perfect to provide a sleek and simple appearance to your kitchen.

  1. Modern Lighting:

Modern kitchens have unique and advanced lighting. Always go for lighting options that give your kitchen a striking appearance. Lightings can be placed on the ceilings using well-designed lighting fixtures such as low hanging pendants. They can also be placed under cabinets to ensure that there is light all around your kitchen.