Classy Accessories For Your Bathroom

What is the hallmark of great design?

It is nothing more than attention to detail, your choice of bathroom accessories should be guided by this very important principle.

Classy accessories can convert your bathroom into a luxurious spa where there’s security, comfort, and an element of luxury and class. Seeing that a bathroom is a place we spend time splashing water all around, you want an accessory that doesn’t just look great today, but also 5 years from now.

It’s important that you pick the accessories from a reputable dealer, go for a brand that has a reputation for manufacturing high quality, classy bathroom accessories. Better still; the dealer should be able to offer additional after-sale services like installation and sale of spare parts. There are accessories that are purely meant to add elegance and class to your bathroom and the good thing is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for such; with a good dealer, you’ll get nice discounts for buying different accessories from the same store or dealer.

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The classy accessories for your bathroom can all be categorized based on their type and functions.  These include towel rails and racks, bath mats, laundry baskets, bathroom mirrors, bathroom storage, bathrobes and dressing gowns, grooming and toiletries, and so on so forth.

In essence, bathroom accessories are meant to enhance your comfort and convenience while using the bathroom. But some homeowners are looking for something more, they’re looking for luxury and class, to send a fashion statement and so on.

This is where it becomes very important for you to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable brand; some bathroom accessory brands specialize in manufacturing luxury and elegant products for high end customers.

This is very evident in bathroom lighting for instance; luxury bathroom lighting can transform the bathroom into a fairy paradise. From farmhouse bath lights to modern contemporary bathroom lights, sconces and Vanity mirrors; there’s quite a variety for you to pick from.

Other classy accessories that you should try out in 2018 include Cosmetic mirrors, Bathroom TVs, soap dishes and dispensers, Towel rails and rings, shelves, tumblers, sundries, toothbrush holders, and so much more. One thing that you should always look out for when installing your classy accessories, especially in lighting, is your safety.

Fancy vanity lights and low hanging bulbs are very common in bathrooms, but you must ensure that they are installed by a qualified electrician. Because the risk of electric shock in the bathroom is higher, the building codes and regulations have guidelines on exactly what kind of lighting can be used in the bathroom. For instance, sockets are never allowed in the bathroom, unless maybe if you need to power shaving units, bathroom TVs, etc.

In such instances, the socket must be 3 meters or more away from the bath/shower. Instead of the ordinary light switches that may pose a risk due to dampness and wet hands, ask your bathroom designer to install a pull cord mounted on the ceiling.  This is the safest option and one that’s recommended.

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In summary;

Were a professional interior designing team, we will help you get those last touches to your bathroom to give it a classy elegant feel. We deal in genuine and high quality brands trust us to get any bathroom products and accessories you’re looking for all at very friendly prices. You can simply email us a list of all the accessories and brands you’re looking for and we’ll help source them for you.

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