Are You Making These Common Decor Mistakes First Time Homeowners Fall For?

Becoming a homeowner is all your dreams coming true! It can be an exciting time; planning the finest details including the theme that defines your personality, the colors of the walls, the lighting to set the perfect mood, the art, and paintings, right up to the statement piece on the coffee table.

However, decorating a home for the first time obviously means a lack of knowledge and much-needed experience. And it brings with it challenges, confusion, and troubles. If not done right, it can be your worst nightmare come true.

Looking for expert advice on home décor made easy? Need a list of Do’s and Don’ts to nail the perfect look for your home? Worried about mistakes that will mess up your experience of decorating your home?

Follow our professional guidance for the perfect home décor

Too much is too much: Decor Mistakes First Time Homeowners

One of the most common mistakes made by first-time homeowners is going overboard when doing up their homes. The thrill and excitement of decorating a home for the first time lead to filling up our home with useless furniture, too many artifacts, and unnecessary furnishings.

This hurts not only your home décor style but also may end up leaving a gaping hole in your pocket.

Remember “Less is more.”

Go slow on your purchases, settle down, and buy things when you need them.

Boring bedrooms

Most people tend to focus on the living room, drawing room, and common living spaces. We are often excited about sharing our new home with friends and family. And we feel that our home is going to be a reflection of our social status and personality.

In our hurry to get the common spaces decorated, we often tend to ignore the space which we are going to use the most—the bedroom.

A boring bedroom means a boring life!

Add colors to your bedroom; add colors to your life.

  • Use comfort accents to create a comfortable and homely zone
  • Add a small working corner if you like working from home
  • Keep little drawers handy to keep the clutter away.

Remember to give special thought to your bedroom. Plan your bedroom to be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax, be yourself, and enjoy the comforts of your home

Design over comfortCommon Decor Mistakes

When planning your home décor, keep in mind the famous quote, “A home is not a place, it is a feeling.”

Designing a home is an overwhelming experience. Beautiful artifacts, exotic furnishings, stunning paintings, and antique rugs are available at your fingertips, thanks to the online markets. However, let’s not fall trap to the common mistake of choosing design over comfort.

At the end of the day, a home should be all things cozy and comfortable. A place where you can chill with friends and family or cuddle with loved ones.

The key to a stunning albeit homey home is to balance the design elements with comfort requirements!

Cable clutter

Our lives revolve around technology. Whether it is a Kindle tablet, an IPAD, mobile phones, TV systems, Bluetooth speakers, DVD players, Digital TV receivers, closed-circuit cameras, or a simple laptop, our homes are full of gadgets.

With gadgets come cables.

Cable clutter is not just an eyesore but may also be dangerous. Cables all across the place translate to the threat of not just falling over wires but also being electrocuted in extreme cases.

Keep your home free from cable clutter with these easy to follow ideas:

  • Use Velcro cables, cable ties, or even cello tape to bind cables together
  • Use a binder clip and a basket to create an inexpensive but smart cable organizer

Ignoring the Kitchen

Most of us tend to keep kitchen planning on the backburner, especially youngsters who may be working and prefer to eat out or simply order-in food with the help of mobile technology.

Common Decor MistakesThough you may not be an active cook at home, don’t ignore the kitchen when planning your new home décor.

Even if you want to keep things basic here are some fundamental ideas to keep in mind when planning the kitchen:

  • Invest in smart gadgets to save time and money
  • Plan on storage solutions to avoid doing the grocery frequently
  • Use darker shades to avoid staining over the years
  • Plan an informal dining table to keep mealtimes easy and mess-free.

Forgetting the Foyer

Planning the right décor of your home’s foyer or hallway can be really challenging. Foyers are tiny spaces where you need to plan storage for your shoes, bags, umbrellas, and a million other things that you need every day. Truly a spatial management nightmare!

The foyer is the first impression of your home. Follow these tips to ensure that even the smallest of foyer space looks striking and creates a lasting impression of your abode:

  • Use smart storage to keep dirty shoes, jackets, and other knick-knacks away from sight
  • Use smart accents to create drama if your foyer is very simple
  • Mirrors are not just great accessories but also create an optical illusion of a bigger space.

A little introspection, smart planning, and a little homework are all it takes to create a home out of a house

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