Why Arch Kbb Is The Leading Supplier Of Home Accessories In London?

For the last couple of years, Arch KBB has emerged as one of the leading designers, suppliers, and installers of home appliances across the UK. Think of the day to day appliances that you’ll use in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and such. We also offer consultation and ensure that we consult you in the process of designing and putting home accessories to your property. What are you looking? Looking to furnish your house and give it a new look and feel, without digging so much into your pocket? Or you have a room that wish to furnish and convert into an Airbnb premises? ARCH KBB is your reliable suppliers of high quality home accessories in London and the surrounding areas.

home suppliers in london

We Provide Unique Home Accessories With The Best Quality:

Arch KBB has high end products that are reputable for having well designed and high quality home accessories. These include Crown imperial, Falcon, Hansgrohe, Fisher & Paykel, Clean water baths, Arcade bathrooms accessories, Merlyn showering and many other more brands. Basically you need it; we’ll get it for you. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re looking for, or whether you’re looking for professional installers to help install your home accessories. Trust us to get the job done professionally, creatively, and affordably. That’s ARCH KBB.

Home accessories in london

An All-In-One Package Consultation To our Clients:

We will walk with you every step of the way when accessorizing your homes. First, our designers visit the homes of our clients to personally, take measurements of your Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and use those measurements to create a 3D layout of the possible designs that could be used. While doing all this, we involve the client by allowing them to make modifications to the designs using our 3D software. For clients who need extra consultation, a special interior designer will be specially provided. This makes us efficient as a supplier of Home accessories in London.

Reliability and total guarantee:

Arch KBB has enough experience when it comes to the installation and fitting of home accessories. Our team members are constantly trained on how to install new products in the market or modify old accessories in clients’ home to make them look new. This makes us well prepared and reliable to install any type of home accessories. Arch KBB offers a full guarantee for up to a year, therefore ensuring that we provide our client with real time consultations and services as needed.

Home Accessories in London

Latest and newest home accessories fast:

Arch KBB has a solid track record of supplying genuine and original home accessories. This is because we always ensure that we’re in close touch with some of the leading manufacturers of genuine home accessory products. By the time a new product or new model is released, ARCH KBB is among the first outlets you find this product. This makes our clients and the people of London ever eager and curious to know what next Arch KBB will have in store for them. Apart from that, we always come up with new concepts and ideas on how to design our clients’ homes. These new designs always perfect and incorporate new and plenty of home accessories. We also ensure that there is no delay in service delivery, and this has helped cement our reputation as a trustworthy seller and installer of the day to day home accessories in London. From your bathroom tap, shower head, sinks, high quality tiles, water heaters, and much more. The same applies to the appliances you’ll require in your bedroom or kitchen.


ARCH KBB guarantees you of handsome discounts and offers, get in touch now for more details on the products we have.

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