Professional Home Interior Design Services

Arch KBB is the leading provider of home accessories in the UK. We provide both accessories and design services for the kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. Arch KBB is known for providing unique home accessories which are of the highest quality but at an affordable price. We have many well-known brands such as Crown imperial, Falcon, Hansgrohe and many more who supply us with the finest home accessories. We are also known for being fast, efficient and reliable and have maintained a good reputation thanks to our team of highly trained professionals who not only pay attention to detail but also have experience in designing and installing home accessories. Thus far Arch KBB has gained an excellent reputation because we always exceed our clients’ expectations; ensuring that our clients are satisfied and impressed with the workmanship. Arch KBB offers several home interior design services in the UK including;

Professional home designing services:

Home Interior Design Service

When you hire Arch KBB the first thing we offer is our design services. A team of expert designers will visit your home to take measurements which will later be used to create potential design models for your home. The designers will use the latest technology to create a replica of your home and if you’re impressed with the replica, then they will move onto the design phase. Once that has been confirmed, a 3D design software will be used to create your virtual home. The use of such software allows the client to make necessary changes such as add or remove designs as they desire, thereby enabling the client to visualize the final outcome of the project. The entire design process is meant to ensure that you as a client get exactly what you want and how you want it. In addition to that you also get to meet our interior design specialist who will advise you on the latest trends and what to avoid while creating your design.

Supply services:

Professional Home Interior Design Service

Arch KBB has partnered with the leading home accessory manufacturers and suppliers. This makes us efficient and reliable when it comes to delivering home accessories to our clients. Such partnerships enable us to provide a wide variety of products from which our clients can choose from. We offer high quality products with the most unique designs at an affordable price. We continuously update our products to match the latest home accessory trends so that our customers get the newest designs which are hard to find elsewhere. Once you have gone through the design process and have picked out the products you need, Arch KBB will immediately deliver them to your door step, without any delays. If you are looking for the best home accessories supplier in the UK, then Arch KBB is who you need to call.


Installation services:

Apart from providing design and supply services, Arch KBB also provides installation services to its customers. We have a professional design and installation team that has been trained to handle the most difficult of tasks. Our team is well equipped, and has immense experience and knowledge in handling both fragile and bulky home accessories. Therefore you need not worry about your accessories being mishandled. Besides that, we also have the capacity to modify your old home accessories so that they fit into your new design. Our installation services are tailored to guarantee your satisfaction.

Professional Home Interior Design Service

With Arch KBB you not only have a uniquely designed home but also have access to quality accessories. Hire Arch KBB today for all your home good needs!! We’re the real deal; our products and services are top notch and our installation services are quite affordable. For more info, call us on 02087 411 589.

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