Importance Of Manufacturer’s Warranty For Kitchen Products

The warranty of your kitchen appliances is the last thing you consider when out shopping; you’re often focused on the functionality, appearance, and price of the appliance. This is perfectly in order. However, there are a thousand and one reasons why you ought to give serious thought to the specifics of the warranty from the manufacturer of the product you’re buying. A warranty is like a seal of approval, a trusted word from the manufacturer that you can indeed trust the product.

Most manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer warranties of between 3 months and 1 year. For white appliances like fridges, freezers that use compressors; 10 years is the standard duration.  After this duration, the manufacturer will not bear any responsibility in case the appliance breaks down.

There’s another form of a warranty that’s known as an extended warranty that is given when you wish to prolong the duration of warranty; these are common with retailers during sales time.

You should be careful not to get yourself entangled in costly maintenance contracts all in the name of warranties. It’s always recommendable to ensure that you’ve purchased your appliance from a reputable brand, one that has a proven track record for manufacturing high-quality products.

Kitchen Products Warranty
A good warranty will help you rest assured that you’re covered in case the appliance breaks down when you’re using it. If a manufacturer is shy or hesitant to offer you a warranty for the appliance you’re purchasing, you have every reason to be worried. You’ll notice that some of the major already established manufacturers tend to offer generous warranties; because they have confidence in their products. Below, we have compiled some quick things to consider when evaluating a warranty;

  • Warranty for individual appliances; there are times you may agree with the manufacturer to supply all the kitchen appliances in line with the installation agreement. In such instances, you should opt for an individual warranty for each item, rather than a blanket warranty. The duration may vary from one appliance to the other but basically, the minimum warranty for any kitchen appliance should be one year. For the freezers and fridge, warranty for the compressors should be nothing short of 10 years.
  • After sale services; a good manufacturer and installer of kitchen products will not decline to offer after sale services for their products. After sale services are different from warranty in the sense that some manufacturers sell their brands and add maintenance services for a while as part of the deal. Warranty applies when the product has broken down or suffered serious damage that necessitates a replacement or major repair.

Manufacturer Kitchen Products

  • Extended warranties; you can get your extended warranty before the original warranty from the manufacturer expires. The price and duration of these warranties will vary; they could cover you for a year, five years, and so on. It’s less costly if you purchase an extended warranty for a longer period of time, compared to a year, for instance.
  • Manufacturers of kitchen products like cabinets, fittings; these may offer different warranties from those of Gaggenau kitchen appliances like Microwaves, dishwashers, and so on. The terms and conditions of the warranty may include workmanship as well as the materials used. In case any of the materials used to make the product is found to be defective after completion, the manufacturer should be ready to replace them promptly and at no extra cost.  Think of things like water pipes, tiles, and materials commonly used to manufacture and refurbish kitchen products.

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