When you are looking for high-end kitchen design at the very affordable costs, then Furore is the right choice for you. The furore is the glossy door finish that has been created to meet the demands of the people who are looking for luxurious looks at the affordable cost. Furore comprises of more than ten fashionable colors and four stunning wood grain effects which can be combined to create a unique kitchen.

The Furore has the wood effect combined with the glossy finish, this has created a new look for the contemporary kitchen. The Furore is available both with the handle and also with the handle-less option.

The Furore has a range of ten gloss colors which will create a dramatic kitchen. These colors can be fused together or combined with the wood grain to have the new design. Furore colors are available with a choice of handles or as a handle-less option.

The Glossy Furore is available in colors like Icy White, Oyster, Magnolia, Cashmere, Coffee light, Grey silk, Grey light, Grey dark, Midnight blue, Black. Whereas there are also wood effects in Furore like Balck Oak, Ebony dark, Olive light and Olive dark as well.

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