The new and latest addition to the Arch KBB Kitchen range Pinova, Which is an on-trend Satin Matt finish. Pinova is available in different colour choices as well. Pinova is also available with a primed finish for you to take away and decorate with your chosen color based on your interest.

The latest and new stunning J’ profile handle less is contemporary in style. It seamlessly blends with the modern open plan living setting and also available with curved door options as well.

Pinova is offered in eighteen different color options like Pure white, Off-white, Pure cream, Oyster, Stone cream, Stone grey, Stone white, Brown grey, Brownstone, Grey-green, Light grey, Pole grey, Deep blue, Mid-blue, Pale blue, Green blue, Grey aqua, Graphite.

Design your kitchen with the best colors that suit you the most based on your interest. Arch KBB offers you with the best available designs and colors of Pinova for your Kitchen.

In addition to the matt finish, Pinova is available in the primed finish as well based on your interested colors. Our team at Arch KBB will work hard to fit the kitchen interiors to the complete satisfaction of the customers. Get in touch with the Arch KBB to get best interior designs for the kitchen and the other rooms in the house as well.

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