Beautiful kitchens with premium & luxurious high gloss acrylic faced doors. At Arch KBB, we visualise your kitchens in 3D modelling and once you approve, we will build them with Rialto high gloss acrylic faced doors.

How to get started with Rialto?

First of all, you should select the colours you wish to build your kitchen. At Arch KBB, we offer 14 variants of Rialto high floss acrylic faced doors. You should choose one (or) combinations based on your expectations.

We will design the 3D model of your kitchen and will give you a demo of it’s appearance.

Once you confirm the design, we will design the Kitchen using RIALTO!

Some unique advantages of having RIALTO:

  • Stunning Choice of light tones
  • Dramatic primary hues
  • Metallic finishes
  • Colour matched edges for coordinated looks!

Available Variants:

  • 14 Colours to choose from
  • 6 Opulent high gloss metallic finishes
  • 8 Striking high gloss colours

You get endless possibilities if you combine the different colour options that RIALTO provides. When it’s done by Arch KBB, you get a stunning outlook for your Kitchen!

You also have an option for:

  • Handle
  • Handle Less
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