Rococo ultra matt is the non-reflective finish, the Rococo ultra matt is also soft in nature which is fingerprint resistant and long durable. The Rococo is the material which offers a variety of vibrant colors with the ultimate color injection.

The name, Rococo arrived from a compounding of French rocaille, which stands for shells or in Italian Barocco or Baroque fashion. The former refers to the absorption with ornamental innovations and arches in Rococo style.


Rococo furniture is designed in a manner which is extremely comfortable being both snug and attractive by sight as well. The patterns which include lots of wooden sculpted forms and lines are not too intense or over the top. Other features in the Rococo include twisted wooden legs, prominent backs with built-in carvings from nature, like foliage, vines, birds etc.

The Rococo style developed which was developed first in the decorative arts and interior design, and its influence later spread to architecture, sculpture, theater design, painting, and music. Rococo can be paired with any of the colors as per the client’s interest. The Rococo design is available in Bedrooms and LifeSpace furniture as well.

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