When it comes to the Kitchen interiors, Zeluso is the latest emerging trend when you are looking for the unique and creative designs. Also, Zeluso offers fourteen different matt doors, which remains as the beautiful finishes always. Arch KBB offers the next generation look for the contemporary kitchen by offering the Zeluso designs. In Arch KBB, Zeluso comprises of more than ten On-trend colors and four stunning wood grain effects.

In Arch KBB, Zeluso is available both with the handles and also handle-less based on the customer’s interest. In Arch KBB, Zeluso has the extensive palette and fabulous wood grain finishes, which offers many creative possibilities. Our design team at Arch KBB will help you in choosing the Zeluso with contrast colors or authentic wood grain effect finishes with many tones.
Arch KBB offers the Zeluso Matt with colors like Icy White, Magnolia, Oyster, Cashmere, Coffee Light, Grey Silk, Grey Light, Grey Dark, Midnight Blue, Black. Also, Zeluso Matt Wood effects in Black Oak, Ebony Dark, Olive Light, Olive Dark. Zeluso can also be paired with any color from the Colour Fusions collection.

Contact Arch KBB to make Zeluso interiors based on your interest. Our design team at Arch KBB will work closely with the customers to understand their needs fully and deliver them the best.

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