A kitchen is the heart of the home, here at Arch KBB we echo this through designing a place of comfort and creativity. Our showroom invites you to explore and browse for ideas or to plan your kitchen and visualise your Arch KBB kitchen in your home. Our extensive range includes bespoke carpentry, German kitchens, modern to in-frame shakers styles and many more.

Arch KBB offers a wide range of washbasins, accounting for classic traditional to minimalist contemporary styles. In each style, you will find there are unlimited shapes and colors available. The most popular basins are sectioned into the following: Wall mounted with/without vanity, washbasin withstand, sit-on basins, and under-mounted basins. In addition to that Arch KBB fully bespoke basins using materials such as natural marble, stone resin, and quartz. Each type has its design features and functions which your designer will discuss with you in detail to ensure you get the right type for your project

Wardrobe sets the interior and atmosphere of your bedroom. Arch KBB wide range and options allows the team to consider several variables when designing. The appearance of wardrobes together with the other elements of the room are considered in the designing process to ensure your space is enhanced to its full ability. Whether  it is the feature handle or the aesthetic of the lighting  the team aim to introduce wardrobes that add to the design of your home and living space ensuring a consist feel and tone of how you  start and end  your day. Designing your wardrobe will offer a sense of convenience and being organised as the wardrobe space will be designed and built to your need. 

Creating a boot room when appropriately situated in a home will improve the upkeeping and organizing of your home, minimizing clutter. The main use of a boot room is to provide invaluable solutions, by incorporating a seating bench with storage at the base, shelving units, and hooks, all ideal for keeping your outdoor attire all within one place. Whilst a boot room is ideal for maximizing space in even the smallest of rooms, it is also the perfect opportunity for creating an extension of your home to flawlessly blend into the rest of the interior. 

Tiles are considered the most durable choice of décor within a home due to their strength, although they are generally reserved for areas such as the kitchen, hall space, and bathroom, tiles can be used to make the perfect style statement and to give you your space the final luxury touch. You will see that our showroom has a wide range of samples displayed as here at Arch KBB we believe tiles are a crucial interior tool. Being watertight, easy to clean, used for outdoor and indoor, durable material, and offering minimal maintenance tiles will always be a favorite element and material used in designs.

Furniture and Lighting are also elements that we supply here at Arch KBB. We have a wide range of suppliers for every type of style that adds to the overall design of your kitchen bathroom or bedroom and can be the difference in how the space is used.  



What we do at Arch KBB

We have an expert team who endeavours to create the best designs for your Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Bedrooms. Our designers are focused on creating a fresh, unique, and creative design for your project. We know that bedrooms and kitchen are the most important rooms in your home 

Our Process

Our designers will work to fulfil your requirements at an optimal cost. To bring complete satisfaction to the customers, we provide site visits and will help you to get the dream design done to their complete satisfaction.

Our Projects

Here at Arch KBB we are proud of the projects we have been a part of, making our clients Dream homes come to life.