Modern Kitchens

With a focus on minimalism, space and light, our modern kitchen collection includes crisp, clean horizontal lines.

Contemporary Materials

Modern kitchens offer flexibility when it comes to choosing materials so your kitchen can reflect your style.

Arch KBB’s modern kitchens blend simplicity with style and come in a diverse range of finishes including metal, concrete, wood and stone. You can embrace the minimalist look by combining glossy and reflective materials such as polished stone, high gloss cabinets, mirrors, and metallic finishes which adds an ultra-modern feel to a kitchen.

Modern Green Kitchen

Modern Colour Palettes

Embrace colour in your modern kitchen with green and blue tones for a calm and relaxed feel or darker colours to create a chic look.

Choosing the right colour is crucial in modern and urban kitchen design and the Arch KBB team is here to help you explore a range of colour palettes to set the tone and mood that you want to achieve.

Light Up Your Kitchen

Lighting is a big feature of the modern kitchen and we can help you find stunning lighting that will complement the different functions of a modern kitchen.

Arch KBB designs lighting that not only emphasises the materials, colours and textures of your kitchen but also creates the ambience within your space.

Island lighting

Designing Your Modern Kitchen

Our design team will work with you to plan a sophisticated modern kitchen based on current architecture and your interior needs. They will take the time to fully understand your requirements, needs and personality to help create your unique interpretation of a contemporary kitchen.

Find inspiration where you can experience the beauty of our modern kitchen designs first-hand, click below to find out more.

Dark Modern Handleless German Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Projects

At Arch KBB, our modern kitchens are characterised by stylish and innovative designs with streamlined appearances making them the perfect place for entertaining.

Our range includes the contemporary English kitchen which incorporates handleless cabinets with solid colours for a minimalist aesthetic. Our bold and contemporary German kitchens use textures and rich colours and have streamlined features and touches throughout the design.

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