Traditional Kitchens

Arch KBB’s traditional kitchens employ classic designs that never go out of style.


Natural Materials

Traditional kitchens are all about class and elegance combined with a homely appeal. Arch KBB selects natural materials such as wood and stone to create a welcoming feel in your kitchen that is perfect for all occasions.

Our traditional kitchens offer a range of cabinets featuring painted or natural wood finishes with decorative features and ornate embellishments to add that extra touch of luxury.

Neutral Colour Palettes

Alongside natural materials, our traditional kitchens come in a variety of colours and the Arch KBB design team will help you find the palette that is right for your home.

Classic colours will accentuate the details and materials of your traditional kitchen design and Arch KBB use colours such as neutrals, browns and greys to create a cosy and welcoming space, ideal for cooking, socialising and relaxing.

White Traditional Kitchen
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Features of Traditional Kitchens

Whether you are looking for a relaxing haven for friends and family or a convenient work area, our traditional kitchens balance classic design elements with space for storage and entertaining guests.

Key features of our traditional kitchens include wood effect cabinets, worktops and kitchen islands. Our craftsmanship is also displayed in decorative details such as crown mouldings, corbels, and antique or vintage accents.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Our traditional range includes shaker and in-frame kitchens drawing inspiration from the Georgian and Victorian eras, and embodying the finest English crafts, while still focusing on practicality.

We can also create truly bespoke traditional designs, giving your home a kitchen as unique as you are.

All our kitchens offer high levels of detail with symmetrical cabinets and distinctive framed panel doors. To find out more about Arch KBB's traditional kitchens and view our recent projects, click the button below.

Shaker Kitchen

Creating the Traditional Look

Our traditional kitchens blend timeless English craftsmanship with modern functionality, ensuring each space is not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to everyday needs. From a small update to a complete makeover, our team of Interior experts will help you create an extraordinary space tailored to your specifications. Throughout the process, they will collaborate closely with you to design and create the traditional kitchen of your dreams.

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