Modern bathroom designing tips for contemporary stylish bathrooms:

Bathroom Products - AccessoriesClean lines and crisp design are the foundations of any contemporary bathroom. When designing a bathroom for a modern home using bespoke fixtures and fittings and sleek designs helps create an elegant yet bespoke look.

With so many design options available in today’s current market, it is becoming easier than ever to create a bathroom of your dreams. Mixing and matching designs that are already available on the market can create a functioning and eye-catching bathroom using minimum effort and taking very little time and resources. In this article, we will discuss how to achieve your ideal bathroom without much hassle on your part.

Already available bathroom suites:

bathroom designs showroom londonThere are thousands of options to choose from when you are choosing an already planned sweet for your bathroom. A suite consists of a bathtub, a toilet and a sink that are designed to complement each other. Not only are these time-saving as you do not have to go and pick individual pieces, but they come with so many options that you are sure to find one to fit your style.

Currently on, the market there is also an availability of suites that include the vanity instead of the basin, making there one less job for you to do while choosing how to design your bathroom.

A great way to save space is to opt for a bathroom suite that has a bathtub with a shower included. These are great for smaller size bathrooms, as they provide the option to have a bath while still maintaining the ability to jump in the shower. This, therefore, cater to the needs of every member of your household.

Opt for a freestanding bath:

A freestanding bath can look sleek and modern giving your bathroom the look that you desire. There are many ways in which you can choose to incorporate a freestanding bath into your design, but just keep in mind that these are ideally suited to bathrooms that are larger in size as they require more space to be fitted.

Many readily available bath suites on the market have the option of freestanding baths. These, however, can be priced slightly higher than a standard bath suite. If the price is a constraint, there is always the option of buying your bath suite separately in order to be able to add a freestanding bathtub into the design of your bathroom.

If you choose to buy all your pieces separately then it is essential that you ensure all the pieces in your bathroom are cohesive in design.

Add bathroom furniture:

Bathroom furniture is essential in keeping any contemporary bathroom looking clean anclutter-free. Items such as fitted units or bespoke vanity cabinets can aid in the overall appearance of your bathroom, as well as provide much-needed storage for your items keeping them hidden away and making your bathroom look neat and tidy. There are multiple options in terms of style and colour available on the market, so you can choose something that fits the look that you are going for.

Showers and taps:

Latest Designs For Bathroom
Latest Designs For Bathroom

The fixtures and fittings that you use in your bathroom can help add to the overall effect and final finish of your makeover. Luckily, there are so many wonderful options to choose from available in today’s current market. A big square sized shower head adds a wonderful effect to any contemporary and modern bathroom design.

If you have more than one bathroom or a big household it might be a good idea to fit an electric shower. This allows you to use your shower without draining your boiler of warm water. Electric showers use electricity to warm the water ensuring that everyone gets access to hot water without any worry.

Another option to look into our already created packages for your shower head and taps. Just like a bathroom suite these showerhead and taps compliment each other and you can even find packages that include extras like valve control and massaging body jets.

Bathroom heating options:

Previously old clunky radiators were used to help heat a bathroom. With bathroom design is becoming more modern contemporary there are multiple options of radiators available, that not only double as towel railings but also provide a sense of style to the bathroom.

Heated towel railings are especially useful for saving space and bathrooms that are of smaller size. Well adding a unique look to your bathroom they also eliminate the need to add two separate pieces of bathroom furniture, which can make the bathroom look smaller and cluttered.

Radiators are also available in bespoke designs that can double as a mirror. With options available in differing designs and look,s there is always something available for any choice and style.

Beautiful Modern Sideboards by Cattelan Italia

A sideboard is an incredibly versatile and stylish piece of furniture. Providing often much needed display space, it also offers concealed storage and can be used in a number of rooms to serve a variety of different purposes.

A brand that does sideboards exceptionally well is Cattelan Italia. Perfectly fusing sophisticated Italian design with functionality, the Cattelan Italia sideboards are of striking quality and make a welcome addition to modern and contemporary interiors.

Read on to discover beautiful modern sideboards by Cattelan Italia, perfect for upgrading your living room, dining room or even entrance hall decor…

  1. Arabesque

arabesque-sideboard-by-cattelan-italiaThis beautiful chunky sideboard is a real statement piece and will add character as well as luxury style to your scheme. With options for two or four doors, the Arabesque sideboard comes in a taller version, ideal for more narrow spaces, or a longer version, providing lots of display space.

Made from graphite painted wood, this piece is made truly unique with the geometric painted pattern to the exterior. Crafted from maple and topped with an extra clear moka painted glass, the stunning quality is instantly noticeable. The deep wood colour provides a traditional feel, while the geometric pattern creates a 21st century update for a contemporary feel.

Finally, the sideboard is supported by black embossed lacquered steel feet. With a chunky feel to it, the Arabesque sideboard will dominate, but in a good way.

  1. Dakota

dakota-sideboard-by-cattelan-italiaWith a mid-century feel, the Dakota sideboard comes in four versatile sizes. With slight differences between the designs, the taller sideboards have an addition of an open shelf to the bottom, due to the taller legs and additional spage. Available in Canaletto walnut or burned oak, this beautiful classic piece has been updated to have a modern edge, with graphite, embossed lacquered steel base.

Ideal for use in the living room, dining room or even the library or reading room, this striking piece will add warmth and character, with sleek design in beautiful natural wood. You could even consider using the Dakota sideboard as a bar area, displaying decanters and your most treasured glass and barware on top, followed by your spirits and additional glassware inside – the perfect piece for a social space.

  1. Futura

futura-sideboard-by-cattelan-italiaWith a high-shine finish, this beautiful reflective piece will add a high-end finish. Ideal for creating a space that feels luxurious and sumptuous, the Futura sideboard is also modern and sleek. Available in three sizes and multiple finishes, the fit and look of this piece needn’t be compromised, as the versatile sizes and various other options mean you can create the ultimate storage solution that’s aesthetically pleasing too.

Choose from white, grey, graphite, oyster or black for the doors, top and main body of the sideboard to compliment your scheme perfectly. Ideal for modern interiors to create a luxury feel with high-shine surfaces. Try dressing with pieces in beautiful metallics – brass looks striking against the gloss finish.

  1. Webber

webber-sideboard-by-cattelan-italiaGraphic sharp lines make the Webber sideboard a real statement piece. Made from Canaletto walnut with a lacquered finish, this quality piece is truly unique. Ideal for adding interest with geometric shapes and natural materials, the Webber sideboard is perfect if you prefer quality materials and modern design over fussy patterns and prints.

Available in three sizes, finding the perfect fit is made easy – choose the taller design to save on floor space, or go for the longer option to create additional display space. Ideal for contemporary schemes, the dark wood will become a real statement when placed against stark white walls.

  1. Chelsea

chelsea-sideboard-by-cattelan-italiaProviding a refreshing update on the traditional sideboard, the Chelsea sideboard features a unique geometric shape, with structured edges to create close to a curved finish, but with greater interest with three flat edges. Available in matt white lacquer, oyster or grey wood, the top also comes in various stylish finishes.

The minimal design makes this the perfect high-end storage piece for simple interiors. In addition, choose from a lifted version on legs to help create space and light around this otherwise chunky piece, or opt for a bolder statement without the legs.

Stylish and functional, a sideboard is a fantastic investment piece that will completely transform a space. Providing often much needed display surface space, sideboards can be styled in a unique way to fit perfectly with your overall scheme. When it comes to choosing the perfect sideboard, invest in quality and a timeless style for a piece that can be treasured for years to come.

What are the Modern Designs that Suits your Kitchen?

The kitchen is an important space in your home. It not only acts as the center of your home but is also a place where you prepare your meals, spends time with your family or simply host your guests.

Your Kitchen is basically the heart of your home as it brings family and people together. Your kitchen should be designed in a way that it reflects your city lifestyle and matches your class. Lately, modern kitchens have become more popular than traditional kitchens.

There are so many different modern kitchen designs and this makes it difficult to select exactly what modern design your kitchen needs.

modern kitchen designs

Here are some Modern Designs that Suit your kitchen:

  1. Crisp All-White Kitchen Ceilings, Walls, and Tiles:

This is probably the easiest modern design that could suit your kitchen. Having white ceilings, flooring and walls will give your kitchen a beautiful yet simple modern design. You could have different textures in your kitchen to inject a modern look and feel, but remember to go all-white. To add to the beauty of your kitchen, you can give the white surfaces a glossy, shiny feel.

  1. Install a Kitchen Island:

A kitchen island acts as a centerpiece in your kitchen. It is the focus of attention when someone goes into a kitchen. Installing a kitchen island in your kitchen gives your kitchen a modern design, it also adds to the storage space in your kitchen. To give it a more modern style, you could give the island different shapes. You can go with right-angled corners or fuse two kitchen islands into one. You could also have marble or stainless steel kitchen island for a more modern look.

Modern kitchen interior designs

  1. Modern Appliances:

A kitchen cannot be fully modern if its’ appliances are outdated. Conspicuous appliances such as freezers, fridges, dishwashers, coffee makers and ovens determine whether your kitchen will look modern. When it comes to appliances, choose appliances made from stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances are durable and will give your kitchen a fresh modern feel.

  1. Choose Modern Bold Colors:

Modern kitchen designs have bold colors that give a vibrant feel. Bright colors give a resonant and stimulating aspect to your kitchen space. You could use bold colors such as red and yellow on smaller surfaces or objects. Less bold colors such as cream, white and grey can then be used on larger surfaces. Remember to use colors that are glossy for even better results.

  1. Sleek Cabinets:

Cabinets are a major factor in the kitchen. They determine how modern your kitchen will look. Modern design cabinets have handles made from stainless steel to keep them simple. They need to be right where the ceiling begins to avoid spaces that could trap dust. For the cabinets to be sleek, they also need to be streamlined with no raised edges. Cabinets being frameless give the kitchen a sleek finish.

modern kitchen furniture designs

  1. Modern Countertops:

For your kitchen to have a modern design, you have to go all the way to ensure that each and every factor in your kitchen has a modern feel. Marble countertops have a cool and simple design. Marble countertops are not only beautiful but also durable, easy to maintain. A modern kitchen is stylish and simple and marble countertops are just perfect to provide a sleek and simple appearance to your kitchen.

  1. Modern Lighting:

Modern kitchens have unique and advanced lighting. Always go for lighting options that give your kitchen a striking appearance. Lightings can be placed on the ceilings using well-designed lighting fixtures such as low hanging pendants. They can also be placed under cabinets to ensure that there is light all around your kitchen.

 Latest Designs in the Market for Your Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t just a place where you go to clean yourself up, It is a relaxation place where you go for your beauty sessions. This is why the bathroom should feel fresh and comfortable.

Bathroom designs have changed drastically forcing people to redesign and renovate their bathrooms. Hundreds of years ago, the bathroom was basic, dull and small. This aspect is changing however as currently bathrooms are designed to be bright, large and modern.

Nowadays people don’t just take a 5-minute shower in the bathroom, they love taking long relaxing baths. As a result, it is advisable to design your bathroom in a way that feels spacious and relaxing.

Latest Designs For Bathroom

Here are the Latest Designs in the Market for your Bathrooms; 

  1. Glamorize your Bathroom with Metallic Fixtures-

Metallic fixtures are one of the latest designs in the market for your bathroom. Gold fixtures are definitely on top of the list followed by brass and copper. It is important to use a metal that sets the right tone depending on the design of your bathroom. When choosing a color, always pick something that is gentle and simple, something that isn’t too bold and at the same time not too dull. Metallic fixtures will give your bathroom a glamorous and luxurious feel.

  1. Bold colors-

Adding bold colors to your bathroom makes it stand out. Bright colors make a statement in your bathroom. Bold colors are dramatic and give your bathroom a sense of luxury and design. You could have colored baths and basins and plain white or grey walls. You could also have it the other way around and have plain baths and colored walls. To add a bit of drama, you could have a mosaic with bold colors to help bring out the modern beauty of your bathroom.

Latest Designs For Bathroom

  1. Make a Statement using Natural Designs-

Synthetic materials are popularly used for bathroom products. However, natural materials have become the latest bathroom trend in the market. Materials such as wood and natural stones have become really popular. These materials help achieve a natural modern look in the bathroom. Wood can be used for your cabinets or towel stands to provide a warm atmosphere. You could also have a hardwood floor in your bathroom for a more classy look. Natural stones can be used for surfaces or just for decoration to give a natural feel to your bathroom. Remember to incorporate some natural materials to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

  1. Larger Stones and Tiles-

Small tiles are no longer a thing that people like. The trend is outdated and has been forgotten. On the bright side, there is a new trend, large stones, and tiles. Large tiles are considered to be attractive and chic. They add elegance to your bathroom and the best part is, they are easy to maintain and clean. Tiles have less grout, hence preventing them from growing mold. Stones, on the other hand, are nature’s gift to us and can be used to decorate your floors or walls.

Latest Designs For Bathroom

  1. Sunken Baths-

Sunken baths used to be a thing that one would only get to see and experience in a five-star hotel. But things have changed. Sunken baths have pushed their way into the latest designs. Why go to a hotel to have a spa-experience when you could do that in your home? To get that luxurious and elegant sunken bath, you can go for slipper-shaped or bateau tubs. To make this even better, have the tub right in the middle of your bathroom to create a more visual modern design. You could also have a raised platform in your bathroom and have your bath sunken in it. Add sunken baths to your bathroom for that modern luxurious feel.

How Can You Make a Bedroom Look Very Attractive?

Having a well organized and attractive bedroom is a wonderful thing.

A bedroom is like a private space that should be comfortable and welcoming. Adding more harmony and visual appeal to your bedroom makes it even more attractive. To achieve this, you will need the right techniques, design tips and fixtures for your bedroom.

Everyone wants their bedroom to feel like a dreamy retreat but with class and a splash of elegance. You need to be creative about your storage spaces and have furniture that you have in your bedroom.

Unique ideas will bring life to your bedroom. You need to think of what needs to be replaced, added or repaired. Do you need a piece of art in your bedroom or new wall paint? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you are considering to glamorize your bedroom.

Attractive Bedroom

Here is How you can Make your Bedroom Look very Attractive;

  1. Create an Artistic Feel;

Some people prefer bedrooms with plain single colors since they are simple. However, if you need a more attractive bedroom, it is advisable to add some art to your bedroom space. You could have photos or paintings on your bedroom walls. This might be common but the trick is to select photos and paintings that match your bedrooms theme. Frames are also a deal breaker. Use well designed and stylish frames for your pieces of art. If you are going to hang several photos, make sure to give them an interesting pattern. With this, you can be sure that your bedroom will look more attractive.

  1. Avoid cluttering;

Neatly arranged bedrooms are more attractive compared to untidy, cluttered bedrooms. Busy bedrooms are cluttered and not neatly arranged. They always feel like a lot is going on and clutter makes the bedroom feel smaller. You need to avoid this by ensuring that your closet and surfaces are not cluttered. Place everything in the right place and also ensure that they are well arranged. You can arrange your items in patterns or keep them behind closed cabinets where you can take them out only when you need them. A clutter-free bedroom feels fresh, more spacious and looks more attractive.

Attractive Bedroom Designs

  1. Natural Light;

Lighting is a key factor in making your bedroom look attractive. There isn’t a light fixture that is better than natural light. This is why you need to minimize on covering your windows. You need to let in most of the natural light during the day to bring in a natural feel to your bedroom. You can install well designed light fixtures for use during the night to ensure your bedroom is well lit. You don’t have to worry about privacy as you can take care of that using blinds, lace panels or voile.

  1. Layer Up your Bedding;

Having a lush looking bed creates an attractive looking bedroom. The way you stack up your bedding determines whether your bed will look lush or not. Always find creative ways to fold your bedding to give a nice display. Pillows also play a part in making your bedroom elegant. Have different pillow sizes with different decorations and covers just to add creativity. You could have pillows with faux fur, faux leather, velvet fabric or those with different embroidery patterns. Giving your bed a good look ends up making your bedroom look better.

Bedroom Designs

  1. The Illusion of Mirrors;

Mirrors always create the illusion of a more spacious bedroom. Having mirrors with well designed metallic frames add to the elegance of the room. Mirror walls are ideal for smaller bedrooms. They make the bedroom appear bigger. Get yourself a huge wall mirror and let it work the magic.

Elements that Define Quality of Bedroom Products

Product quality is the first thing that should come to your mind before you settle for any bedroom product. Most people believe that high-quality products are always expensive and end up purchasing low-quality products. Not all high-quality products are expensive. They can be slightly expensive but are affordable. At the same time, not all cheap products are of low-quality, some can be of high quality but still cheap. The fact is; buying cheap low-quality products ends up being expensive. This is because these products are not durable and you will keep on replacing as they get damaged quickly. It is better to invest in high-quality bedroom products that are expensive but durable than buying low-quality products because of their cheap prices.


Bedroom Interior Designing

Here are Elements that Define Quality of Bedroom Products;


  1. Durability:

The purpose of purchasing a certain bedroom product is to have it last as long as it can before the need to replace it. The economy is tough and no one would want to buy a product for their bedroom only to have it replaced in a week unless you are a billionaire of course. Durability determines the life length of your product. It also determines how long it will last before it needs a repair. Repairing a product may lower its worth or cause further damage. It is therefore advisable to buy bedroom products with high durability as these products are of high-quality.

  1. Reliability:

Reliable bedroom products are those that are not likely to fail or disappoint you in terms of their purpose. For example, your bedroom carpet; is it likely to fade within the first month or do the stains take long to come off? You need to buy bedroom products that are convenient for you. Buy long lasting carpets and wallpapers. Focus on buying furniture that will serve the purpose you need. Multipurpose furniture is even better as you can buy one piece that will serve three different purposes. Remember to scale how reliable a certain product will be for your bedroom before purchasing it.

Bedroom Products

  1. Aesthetics:

This refers to your preference for certain bedroom products. It is determined by the kind of reaction you have to a bedroom product. This reaction can be positive or negative. You need to go for products that have the positive vibe. Your reaction can be based on whether the color of the product will blend in with your bedrooms’ setting. It can also be determined by whether you are impressed by the design and uniqueness of the product. Before adding a new product to your bedroom, first find out whether it will blend in, make your bedroom more attractive or if it will add to the value of your bedroom.


  1. Features:

Features of a product enhance their appeal to an individual. You should buy a product for your bedroom based on the unique features it has. If there are two products that are meant to serve the same purpose but one has additional features, you should go for the one with additional features. More features add quality to certain products, making them more valuable and convenient.

Professional Home Interior Design Service

  1. Perceived Quality:

Perceived quality is based on opinions and rankings from people who have used a certain product before. It is important to get other people’s’ opinions before getting a product for your bedroom. This is because these people have experience using that product and are well aware of the pros and cons. On top of your list should be the products with high ratings and good reviews. Buying products with high perceived quality enable you to get high-quality products.

Professional Home Interior Design Services

Arch KBB is the leading provider of home accessories in the UK. We provide both accessories and design services for the kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. Arch KBB is known for providing unique home accessories which are of the highest quality but at an affordable price. We have many well-known brands such as Crown imperial, Falcon, Hansgrohe and many more who supply us with the finest home accessories. We are also known for being fast, efficient and reliable and have maintained a good reputation thanks to our team of highly trained professionals who not only pay attention to detail but also have experience in designing and installing home accessories. Thus far Arch KBB has gained an excellent reputation because we always exceed our clients’ expectations; ensuring that our clients are satisfied and impressed with the workmanship. Arch KBB offers several home interior design services in the UK including;

Professional home designing services:

Home Interior Design Service

When you hire Arch KBB the first thing we offer is our design services. A team of expert designers will visit your home to take measurements which will later be used to create potential design models for your home. The designers will use the latest technology to create a replica of your home and if you’re impressed with the replica, then they will move onto the design phase. Once that has been confirmed, a 3D design software will be used to create your virtual home. The use of such software allows the client to make necessary changes such as add or remove designs as they desire, thereby enabling the client to visualize the final outcome of the project. The entire design process is meant to ensure that you as a client get exactly what you want and how you want it. In addition to that you also get to meet our interior design specialist who will advise you on the latest trends and what to avoid while creating your design.

Supply services:

Professional Home Interior Design Service

Arch KBB has partnered with the leading home accessory manufacturers and suppliers. This makes us efficient and reliable when it comes to delivering home accessories to our clients. Such partnerships enable us to provide a wide variety of products from which our clients can choose from. We offer high quality products with the most unique designs at an affordable price. We continuously update our products to match the latest home accessory trends so that our customers get the newest designs which are hard to find elsewhere. Once you have gone through the design process and have picked out the products you need, Arch KBB will immediately deliver them to your door step, without any delays. If you are looking for the best home accessories supplier in the UK, then Arch KBB is who you need to call.


Installation services:

Apart from providing design and supply services, Arch KBB also provides installation services to its customers. We have a professional design and installation team that has been trained to handle the most difficult of tasks. Our team is well equipped, and has immense experience and knowledge in handling both fragile and bulky home accessories. Therefore you need not worry about your accessories being mishandled. Besides that, we also have the capacity to modify your old home accessories so that they fit into your new design. Our installation services are tailored to guarantee your satisfaction.

Professional Home Interior Design Service

With Arch KBB you not only have a uniquely designed home but also have access to quality accessories. Hire Arch KBB today for all your home good needs!! We’re the real deal; our products and services are top notch and our installation services are quite affordable. For more info, call us on 02087 411 589.

Why Arch Kbb Is The Leading Supplier Of Home Accessories In London?

For the last couple of years, Arch KBB has emerged as one of the leading designers, suppliers, and installers of home appliances across the UK. Think of the day to day appliances that you’ll use in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and such. We also offer consultation and ensure that we consult you in the process of designing and putting home accessories to your property. What are you looking? Looking to furnish your house and give it a new look and feel, without digging so much into your pocket? Or you have a room that wish to furnish and convert into an Airbnb premises? ARCH KBB is your reliable suppliers of high quality home accessories in London and the surrounding areas.

home suppliers in london

We Provide Unique Home Accessories With The Best Quality:

Arch KBB has high end products that are reputable for having well designed and high quality home accessories. These include Crown imperial, Falcon, Hansgrohe, Fisher & Paykel, Clean water baths, Arcade bathrooms accessories, Merlyn showering and many other more brands. Basically you need it; we’ll get it for you. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re looking for, or whether you’re looking for professional installers to help install your home accessories. Trust us to get the job done professionally, creatively, and affordably. That’s ARCH KBB.

Home accessories in london

An All-In-One Package Consultation To our Clients:

We will walk with you every step of the way when accessorizing your homes. First, our designers visit the homes of our clients to personally, take measurements of your Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and use those measurements to create a 3D layout of the possible designs that could be used. While doing all this, we involve the client by allowing them to make modifications to the designs using our 3D software. For clients who need extra consultation, a special interior designer will be specially provided. This makes us efficient as a supplier of Home accessories in London.

Reliability and total guarantee:

Arch KBB has enough experience when it comes to the installation and fitting of home accessories. Our team members are constantly trained on how to install new products in the market or modify old accessories in clients’ home to make them look new. This makes us well prepared and reliable to install any type of home accessories. Arch KBB offers a full guarantee for up to a year, therefore ensuring that we provide our client with real time consultations and services as needed.

Home Accessories in London

Latest and newest home accessories fast:

Arch KBB has a solid track record of supplying genuine and original home accessories. This is because we always ensure that we’re in close touch with some of the leading manufacturers of genuine home accessory products. By the time a new product or new model is released, ARCH KBB is among the first outlets you find this product. This makes our clients and the people of London ever eager and curious to know what next Arch KBB will have in store for them. Apart from that, we always come up with new concepts and ideas on how to design our clients’ homes. These new designs always perfect and incorporate new and plenty of home accessories. We also ensure that there is no delay in service delivery, and this has helped cement our reputation as a trustworthy seller and installer of the day to day home accessories in London. From your bathroom tap, shower head, sinks, high quality tiles, water heaters, and much more. The same applies to the appliances you’ll require in your bedroom or kitchen.


ARCH KBB guarantees you of handsome discounts and offers, get in touch now for more details on the products we have.

5 Things To Consider When Buying Bathroom Accessories

When it comes to the final finishes of your bathroom, you need to buy bathroom accessories that compliment your bathroom and give it a perfect finish.

  • You need to ensure that these accessories are not only affordable and of good quality but also make your bathroom beautiful, elegant and give it a luxurious feel.
  • People often have the tendency to concentrate more on the big things that flatter their bathrooms, so much so that they forget that some accessories can actually improve the look and feel of your bathrooms.
  • There are several ways that you could accessorize your bathroom using plumbing, tiles, aesthetic enhancements, cabinets, mirrors, towel rails or even toothbrush and soap holders.

Here is what you need to consider when buying accessories for your bathroom,

1. Be aware of your budget and prioritize what you need first:

It’s always important to know what your budget is before embarking on shopping. This will also help you avoid spending too much on a few expensive items that will not be enough to accessorize your bathroom. Being aware of your budget will help you make sure that you find a way to buy all the accessories your bathroom needs that are affordable but have a good quality. Other than that, always begin shopping of the important things your bathroom needs. That way, even if your money is over before you shop everything, you already have what you need. Remember budget is key in every aspect of life.

Bathroom Accessories - Arch KBB

2. Look for affordability, quality and suitability:

When shopping for your bathroom accessories, look for items that are affordable, but of good quality. Don’t focus on the brand of the item because popular brands sometimes also have fakes and imitations that are equally expensive. Analyze the affordability and quality of each item individually before you make your choice. If a particular item is affordable and has a good quality, ask yourself whether it will suit your needs and whether your bathroom really needs it. If your answer is yes, then proceed and buy it. Putting this in your considerations will mean that you will end up buying affordable, good quality accessories that suit your bathroom.

3. Consider the available space in your bathroom:

It is completely pointless to buy accessories that will end up making your bathroom looking smaller and cluttered. Only buy items that will fit into the available space in your bathroom. Accessories are meant to add function to your bathroom hence you should remember to put your bathrooms functionality first, and the overall look second. For bathrooms with limited space, get wall mirrors that will not only make your bathroom look great, but also tend to make your bathroom look bigger because of the reflection.


Bathroom Accessories - Arch KBB

4. Choose the right lighting for your bathroom

Lighting is one of the most important assets of your bathroom. It is necessary to have the perfect lighting for your bathroom to give it a great look and feel. You could use pendants or sconces depending on the size and shape of your bathroom. Make sure that the type of lighting you install reaches all the corners of your bathroom to make it look even bigger and more spacious.

Bathroom accessories

5. Avoid accessories with many colors and go for plain neutral colors:

Choosing neutral colors for your bathroom gives your bathroom a subtle look. Other than that, it makes it easier for you especially if you are the type of person that loves changing your bathrooms’ look from time to time. This means that you won’t have to buy new accessories every time you change your bathrooms look since your accessories will be neutral and will blend in with any look.