Modern kitchen design trends that you must know in 2019

kitchen-design-trendsIs 2019 the year you finally get your dream kitchen? Your kitchen is the heart of your home and whether you are completely renovating it, or simply changing some dated aspects, it is the perfect time to do so. But what exactly is in trend when it comes to kitchen design trends in 2019?

The aim of kitchen design in 2019 is to ensure that technology is used to make your life easier while keeping the style as the main objective.

Everybody’s requirements for a kitchen is different and dependent on individual needs. For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the house, where everybody gathers. While for others it is something that should be enclosed in a small space and used as and when required and kept less imposing.

Whatever your requirements are, and however you choose to express your style 2019 has some wonderful trends that can be incorporated into any kitchen.

Customisable pantries:

While pantries and larders have been around for quite some time 2019 now offers the ability to design your larder to fit your requirements. With the ability to add shelving, drawers and other bespoke elements larders and pantries can be designed with your ease and accessibility in mind. This allows for storage of ingredients at the right temperatures, that are easily accessible while still adding style to your kitchen.

Bespoke benches:

As the hub of your home, seating areas in kitchens are becoming an increasingly important part of their design. One of the most emerging trends in 2019 is benches and banquet style seating. Previously, seating was predominantly created around islands and breakfast bars but with the introduction of a banquet style seating kitchens are becoming much cosier and comfortable. Upholstered benches are perfect to put in front of a window area allowing for light to shine through creating the perfect mood to relaxing.

Darker Colours:

This year people are buying into more sophisticated darker colours. Forest greens and deep dark blacks seem to be the colour of choice for all the kitchen renovators in 2019. Darker cabinets offset with marble in light of tones, brass lighting, metallic accessories, and white walls work well to create a light airy space and perfect colour combinations.

There is a push to put towards darker more basic colour pallets contrasted with deep coffee browns, greys and light beiges. The most popular colour to be used for cabinets in 2019 is dark navy blues.

Interesting storage solutions:

This trend is a continuation of the years before. Cupboards that run from floor to ceiling and overhead cabinets with unique solutions for storage help keep the kitchen organised and clutter-free.

These storage solutions are great for kitchens of any size, large or small. The addition of these cabinets can help your kitchen continue to look sleek and on trend.

Large trough sinks:

Over the years the trough sink has been gaining popularity and has become a central part of many kitchens. This rise to fame continues in 2019. The trough sink provides multifunction and can be fully integrated into any kitchen.

From doing your dishes to creating a champagne bath when entertaining this sink can look spectacular and is worth the investment. This sink adds style while giving your kitchen a country charm.

Eye-catching taps:

top kitchen designsHaving a quirky yet modern tap fitting always adds to the overall appeal and look of your kitchen. With so many options available on today’s market there is something to cater to any style. Current technology has also helped to make life easier by upgrading the common tap. Most taps on today’s market can be upgraded to provide instant boiling or sparkling water, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.

Smart, up-to-date, time-saving technology:

For a large chunk of the population, the kitchen is the room where they spend most of their time. With technology advancing every day in every sector, why should the kitchen be left behind? With integrated Bluetooth speakers, adjustable lighting and multitudes of new kitchen technology, new kitchens in 2019 should be the most up-to-date part of your house. These technologies are slowly becoming necessities in today’s world, so whilst updating your kitchen in 2019 be sure to invest in these and make your kitchen as fully functioning as possible.

An array of textures:

In 2019 the visual appearance of the kitchen is going to the next level. Kitchen designs are incorporating a mix of woods, stones and metals to give a sleek and modern appearance. There has been a rise in the popularity of natural materials like straight grained woods such as oak and timber as well as mixed stones like granite.

A combination of all the materials allows for a mix and match that creates a beautiful and eye-catching finish.

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